Visisting my parents for a week (part 2)

So, one of the reasons I also wanted to visit them for was to be able to take Mom and go browsing for antiques at the Fiskars Antiques Market (see here). The village of Fiskars is really lovely in the summer, when everything is in full bloom and there's lots of visiting people.

Mom and Dad, posing for a pic at one of the ponds with water lilies in Fiskars.
Again, why do Dad look so suprised?

I took a lot of pictures, mainly because photos are cheaper than buying the stuff itself. These are some of the things I saw:

I have this cookbook, but a more current edition than this one (the 1st).
12 euros.

Another cookbook, this time in Finnish and with recipes from the chef of Louis XV.
25 euros.

Some red kitchen utensils. I loooove red kitchen utensils!

Mom bought me one of the timbles for 20 euros. The 3 things above them that look like small pears are actually hollow cloisonné-beads.

Mom's friend Birgitta (who we spent Midsummer with! see here) had an ex-husband by the name of Helge Sten. We found one of his paintings for sale at Fiskars! Mom had to comment that "He always painted such dull and colorless picures!"
2400 euros. (!?!)

Look! It's the rest of Mom's porcelein-series. She had to buy a few more of the larger plates,
so that she can serve more than 2 people on them. She bought 4.
22,50 euros / large plate.

Mom's great friend Bettan has cooking pots is exactly this porcelein-series. I put my sun hat beside it as a size reference - it's HUGE. This one will fit potatoes for maaaaany people.
580 euros

These are all the things I came home with:
a lilac teapot (12 euros)*
a red pot (18 euros)
a timble (20 euros)
a little mirror with antique framing (6 euros)

*this is the SAME teapot I found on the Turku art and Antiques fair back in spring of 2010! The same vendor still had it for sale :) This time, I HAD to buy it, and now I don't have to feel bad anymore because I didn't buy it back then :)

These next pics are all the pics I took just to show Mimi what kind of crazy stuff you could find there. At least, that's what she specified I should photograph: crazy and whacky stuff.

Spoons in bright colors. Kinda like the ones Mimi has, only these are much smaller.

Aaah, the famous round white ball chairs by Eero Aarnio.
Maybe this one was really made in 1963, and thus is an original.

More antique jewelley!

A pale turqoise dress, just my size (size 6-8). Not really my color, though.
85 euros.