Visisting my parents for a week (part 1)

Since Micke's vacation doesn't start before the 10th of July, I took the liberty of visiting my parents back in Kyrkslätt - after me, Mom and Micke had been to Raseborg to see the summer play showing there.

Mom and Dad's lovely little garden.
Dad's terribly proud of it.

Sorry Mom, but I couldn't resist adding this pic!
She wen't to sit down, so I could take a pic of us all eating,
but she sat on the side of the bench and fell down *poof*
Good thing she didn't hurt anything more than her dignity.

Me, little Astrid and her mother Ingrid (my cousin),
posing for a pic at the Havis Amanda statue in Helsinki.

Aaah, Helsinki open air market (Salutorget)

Yes, it's my old room. I was going crazy from slight boredom,
so I decided to put some decorations on the sun hat I got from Mom.