Someone is turning 30...

... and we had no idea as to what to give as a present! So, if you happen to have:
  • some cardboard
  • A4 white papers
  • invisible paper glue + superglue, poster paint and stickers (or you can découpage some pics!)
  • 30 Moomin lollipops
 You can create a GIANT birthday card with the present (the 30 lollipops) glued to the card itself.

This is how mine turned out. Took about 1 h to make, as the paper glue had to dry before I could continue with the painting.

Needed a larger work space, as desk was full (again) with stuff.
The hallway had to do in a pinch.

Okay, the cardboard's been covered with white paper,
painted with red letters, and gotten some découpage pictures on it.

Next, super glue the lollipops on it.
I got glue (again!) on my fingers. Micke had to come and bring me the nail polish remover.