Privacy online... and some other things

Where to start?
Randomly (because I usually don't do that)with saying that the prayers for rain and thunder has sort of worked. We'we gotten showers these last days, but they only come at night, and in the morning everything dries up again.
So it's still hot, only slightly more humid.

Then, what I thought I should write about was how online privacy works when less... tactful persons write about themselves (or use social networks like e.g. Facebook) online. But now I find myself less inclined to write anything on that subject, and just write about how I've been this last week and a half.

Me and Micke went to visit his family in Ostrobothnia. We stayed a week, which was both good and bad. Good because we had some time to unwind, but bad because after 2 days my back started aching (from sleeping on a bad mattress) and thus making me both cranky and sleep-deprived. Plus, we didn't do important things, mainly just ran away from spending time with Micke's family. Hated that.

Still, I'll post some happy photos from this week. Scroll down to the end if you want to skip ahead and see them.

Then, after we got home, my Mom called and told me Gran had taken a turn for the worse, and I should prepare for the fact that we might be heading over to Sweden - not to visit with family, but instead attending her funeral. Which got me so sad.

Then, we got the news on the 26.7 that she had passed away. Nothing left to do, she just went to sleep and didn't wake up anymore. And I've been crying on/off ever since, and not been myself at all. Micke asked me if there was a nything he could do to make me feel any better. I replied "just be there, having you near makes it easier to bear". But I feel as if he now - on day 3 - just is waiting for me to "snap out of it" and make his vacation easier. As in: cook, wash, clean, while he gets to sit in front of the computer. Like usual.

THIS is not something you just snap out of. I've been trying to ...distract myself with small stuff around the house, but sooner or later I start crying again. Mourning is as terrible as depression, and I know that you can seek help for it, but... I don't know. Maybe I'm just too tired from trying to "think of nothing" all the time.

Micke at Café Fredrika.

Me at Café Fredrika.

Me and Micke's Mom, outside the yellow gazebo in Aspegren's garden.

Micke and his Mom at Aspegren's garden, by the gazebo.

Lots of teacups at Villa Sveden.

Mutant flower at Aspegren's garden. I was fashinated by it.

Me at Fäboda, sitting at the restaurant.

Watching the start of Jakobstad's Marathon.

I know it's not paleo, but eating these in Jakobstad is something of a must for Micke, so we just had to buy some.