torsdag 5 augusti 2010

Fashion TV

I don't know if anyone cares, but the channels we get on our TV include one called "Fashion TV". Its theme is mainly fashion reports, 10 min documentaries about haute couture/models/movie stars in ads, and runway shows. Now, before you go all "The Devil wears Prada" on me, I must say that fashion in just another word for design. I've noticed that I happen to like design. As in "the whole creative process that starts with an idea and then turns out into a physical manifestation". As design can both be functional or non-functional - depending always on the context - I like seeing how other people think creatively.

Anyway, I was watching "Fashion TV" yesterday while crocheting on a shawl for my Mom, and they started showing the runway show for "spring/summer 2010" for Ralph Lauren. There was this dress that I saw in it that just caught my eyes like wildfire. Can't really explain it. So, I tried to hunt it down today.

I found the collection on Ralph Lauren's web page, and what do you know! They have the whole runway show on video there. Click play, and scroll to 8:11. Watch the first dress, and then the one after that. *swisch swasch and just looooook how it moves* This is functional design!

(Oh, I like the dresses at 4:23, 6:00, 7:43, 9:28 and 10:33 too, but the simple design of THAT dress...) 

Floral prints and ugly distressed jeans were apparently their idea for this summer. Too bad it was too hot for anything more than flimsy dresses and bikinis :P

3 kommentarer:

River Glorious sa...

I like the motifs you're using for your mother's shawl. :)

Saga sa...

Kolla in designparet Rodarte från Los Kalifornien. Deras kollektion--hmmm var det vår 2010 kanske--såg ut som "gothgarn". Ingenting åt Maggan men läckert och tufft.

emmi sa...

when it comes to designer clothes I should probably just keep my mouth shut... ;) I was surprised to see that those clothes actually looked quite wearable! although I would prefer to see them on human beings and not scarecrow-barbies... :P


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