Trip to Helsinki, and hearing Bono (from U2)

My dear friend Kaisa, together with her Jussi, threw a home-warming party last Saturday. This time, we actually had time to attend. It's annoying when you have friends you want to stay close to, but can't because of logistics. traveling by train is NOT cheap, no matter how ecological it's supposed to be.

Anyway, for a house-warming present, we gave then the traditional bread & salt. This was accompanied by a small present for Kaisa (a shawl + matching brooch), and one for Jussi (8 wine glass tokens).

The shawl, made from a real simple pattern
(scroll down to the bottom!).
This is the actual color of the yarn,
I don't know why the next picture got so lilac.

The trim, one I came up with myself (scroll down for the pattern).

Jussi's wine glass tokens are on the right.
The crocheted flower is the brooch.

Like always when leaving for a trip in the last minute *cough* I had ample time to wrap the presents.... that is, I had to bring paper+tape+scissors+gift box with us on the train. Still, I think the gift wrapping became okay, and none in the train carriage raised their eyes at this.

The trains we took made perfect time - it was like clockwork! - and we managed to perfectly catch the last train for Turku at 23 o'clock. While we waited at both Käpylä and Pasila train stations, we could hear music and song from the Hartwall arena, where the U2 concert was well underway. At Käpylä, we heard "Hold me, trill me, kiss me, kill me" and at Pasila it was "With Or Without You". Apparently, we caught the encore :P

* * *

Shawl pattern (crochet) - from the book "Crochet Chic - haute crochet scarves, hats & bags" by Francine Toukou.This is such a simple pattern. I used crochet hook 5 mm/H. You can use hdc, dc, trb or d-trb if you want to.

Start: Chain 5
1st row: 2 double crochet (dc) in 3rd chain from hook, chain 1, dc in last chain.
2nd row: Chain 2, turn, then 2 dc in the first space, then 2 dc in the second space, chain 1, then dc again in last space.
3rd row: Chain 2, turn, *2 dc in first space, repeat from * until last space, then chain 1 and dc again in last space.
Repeat the last row until the shawl is as long as you want it to be, and fasten off.

Trim (crochet)
First row: Start by fastening yarn with a slip stitch (sl st), then single crochet (sc) around the whole shawl, sl st in first stitch to fasten. Where there aren't any stitches, use the holes.
Second row: *Chain 5, then sc in 3rd stitch from hook. Chain 2, fasten with sl st 2 spaces from 1st stitch. Repeat from * until the end, fasten with sl st.

Flower brooch (crochet) - also from the same book as above.