Oh, I totally forgot...

... that some might want to see some photos of the 6 pairs of shoes I bought for 30 euros.

Now, these are from Citymarket (It's like Target or WalMart in Finland). Yes, go ahead and laugh, it'll do you good. And no, I don't care if you laugh, because they all feel nice on, and you just couldn't argue with the price.

First, the sexy shoes. Same size, same cut, same "Hi, I'm a little plastic, but not too much".
These -might- actually be a little embellished in the future.
And yes, I've already managed to scruff the black ones. Go me.

Then, the sensible old lady shoes, for when you just can't get away with high heels.
Yes, the beige ones are fugugly, but remember what I said about comfy and not caring if you laugh.

And last, the worst.... 
the sandals you only dare to wear to the beach when it's too hot for anything else :P