I don't usually swear...

... but I swear this weekend's been straight out of a soap opera. With me and Micke as suprised spectators.

Micke's younger brother Patrik has moved to Helsinki this fall, because he's going to start his studies to become a sport instructor. He'd managed to get an apartment perhaps 5-10 km from the center of Helsinki, and we were going to visit him this weekend. Mainly to show him around so he'll find places, and also for him to show us where he'll live and go to school. So far so good - or at least: THAT part of the trip went okay. Borrowing the car and sleeping at my parents house went okay too. We got to see Emmis brand new and painted apartment, and I got to discuss art&interior decorating with her while Micke happily snoozed on her couch.  She, me and E even got to visit my Mom's favourite yarn store. And me and Micke even got to stay for Sunday lunch with my parents, aunt and uncle, and take a not-too-lately-arriveing train back to Turku.

But OH MY DEAR GODDESS, what I learned about human interactions on Saturday.

Sociology 101: Apparently, if you are really really really depressed/angry/something-awfully-horrible-else, and you've heard that your ex-boyfriend might have found someone new and just might be happy without you....

...it's okay to force you way in to his shared (student)appartment, trash ALL his stuff*, and leave stuff out in the hallway for him to find as he comes home. This later stuff being things you've NOT wanted him to get access to take away, since that will mean he's REALLY leaving you.

*Yes, ALL his stuff. Everything was on the floor, in heaps. And why on Earth did she steal the blanket from his bed?? Apparently, insane people do things like this.

I am so ashamed of my own sex. We really can be such bitches. And in my opinion - the one I voiced on Saturday - this girl/woman/bitch really deserved a good trashing. As in the nails-in-her-face-bitch-fight kinda one.

I'm not a violent person. But this really made me angry.