It's raining outside again

I remember waking up real early today because of the rain. We had the window open during the night, so our whole bedroom got cold. I think I must start using blanket + bed sheet again, instead of just the latter. Finally we're getting colder air here!

Anyway, now (late afternoon) it's raining again. Looking out through the windows here at the library, I can see an odd assortment of umbrellas. People are apparently starting to get home from work, and they don't want to get wet.
Me? I'm gonna sit right here, writing, until it's time to head for Ida with Mimi's stuff. I've had some of her arts&crafts things at our place, but now that she's finally moved, I can bring it all back home to her. I just hope I found everything, because even the 'few' thing I found filled an entire shoe box.

Oh, speaking about shoes! Yesterday, while taking the bike to Citymarket to do some grocery shopping, I found that they had a LOT of summer shoes on sale for only 5 euros/pair. I bought 6 pairs... Finally, I can trow away all the sandals/flip-flops I managed to FUBAR during the summer.

Finally something good to write about. Otherwise, I'll just continue to write depressing things, and I just don't want to cry floods anymore. Just drizzles, perhaps.