Apparently, there's such a word as 'man-repeller'

I found it thanks to this blog, which link one of my Facebook-acquaintances posted. Again, the world got a little more odd. Although it was kinda strange to begin with.

Once, I proposed that it would be nice if someone could invent a sort of anti shock-collar for us girls. The idea of such a collar would be that it would, well... give the non-wanted people approaching us a SHOCK, and thus turn them away from us. This was said in a moment late at night when I was extremely tired, and didn't want any company of the following during my walk home:
  • aggressive men, drunks and druggies
Sometimes, it's nice when people come up and talk to you, especially if you're feeling lonely (at e.g. a party or such), but most of the time it's the people with nothing to loose that are doing it. Every girl having a drunk beside her while sitting on the bus knows what I mean. Men behaving badly are so totally out.

It's awful when you're all alone, and really need the support of a loved one (be it boy or girl), and they're not there. Even worse: they're there, but they can't do anything. This happened one time while waiting in line for some late night french fries at the kiosk on Turku market square. Two -seriously- drunk men were holding up the line, and had the bad grace to comment on both my derrière and posterior. While Micke stood behind me, wanting so badly to hit them.

Lately, it's not a blatant, smelly currently-friendly-drunk that's been bothering me. It's a man at the local library. Apparently, I'm very approachable, and him wanting to talk to me is both getting on my nerves and disturbing my writing on the computer.

Should I just get out my worst man repelling clothes, and put a paper bag on my head, to finally get some peace? Maybe I should try to come up with some clothes+accessories combo and then post the photo here?