måndag 18 juli 2011

Some summer cleaning?

We have had couch surfers, friends and relatives over for visits during odd days the last few weeks. That's nice, because before all of it I was feeling really unsocial and cooped up in our apartment.

Now, I feel like I'm this horrible person who doesn't even bother to clean her house. Not even when her MOM phones out of the blue and says "We'll all be coming for a visit tomorrow at 11 a.m".

The only thing that went through my mind during that call was "Argh, my desk is a mess, and I need to put away all the scrap fabrics". Which I didn't do. Instead, I put away things that I had used in Mikael's room.

  1. the apartment is dusty as heck
  2. the vacuum cleaner is hiding in the closet, and it's alternating between hunger striking and threatening me with sucking up all my current "on hold" craft project until I put then away safely.
  3. every plant and green thing is screaming for water
  4. the trellises on the balconies are covered with city dust
  5. don't talk about the dust bunnies under the bed; they're currently plotting for world domination
  6. and I think our computers have swallowed so much dust it's scratching the hard drives.
We need to clean.
And we don't have time. Seriously, we don't.
Other people have their summer cottages, boats and various garden project to finish. We have the autumn Christmas spring summer cleaning that desperately needs to be done, and we haven't even started,..

The plot thickens.
How about you, are your dust bunnies joining ours in their plot for world domination?

2 kommentarer:

Waenthoronien sa...

Oh yes, they are. And unfortunately, something needs to be changed in my vacuum cleaner to make it work as it should, so I'm currently only equipped with a broom to fight back. On the other hand, the broom works better with the sand and the small stones that seem to multiply equally fast as the dust bunnies.

Temumriken sa...

Här är nog mer sand och skräp (nackdelen med att vara barfotabarn) än dammråttor (som pappa kallar "pansarvagnar", nu vet vi varför), men det kanske är infanteriet. Städning behövs, hur som helst.


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