Sewing storage boxes

Even though I and Micke live in quite a big apartment, I sometimes still feel as if I don't have enough storage space for every little thing I need to store away while I'm crafting.

So, inspired by both Lisa* and by AmandaJean's blog**, I decided to try and make some fabric storage boxes for our library. Yes, in fabric. Why? Well, since mom let me raid her fabric and cloth stash, I thought I should use it and not hang onto it forever. And with my fabric cutter, it was actually real easy, since I didn't have to spend too much time cutting with the scissors. That fabric cutter really makes a difference, in my opinion, because you don't get that much fabric dust flying in the air. Hence, not that much to vacuum :)

* Who wrote how she finally got around and bought some storage boxes for her overhead cupboards, mainly so that things won't hit her in the head when she tries to pull them out.

** A quilter, who seems to have done it all (and more) when it comes to quilting. Seriously, go and check her blog: there's huge amount of info about patchwork and quilting just waiting to be explored.

The runt of the litter, also known as "the test box".

The big brothers to the runt - you can fit four of
him inside one of these.

Even though the sides of my boxes are soft - AmandaJean uses cut-out from old cereal boxes to give the sides some rigidity - I really must say that I think they really make a difference. I got to stash some books, old toys a part of my sewing supplies in these. Which made room in the bookcases for, among other things, my sewing machine (I used to have it in our closet) and some craft things.
All the toys, as well as my birthday tiara...

All the sewing stuff, and all the  - yes Lisa, it's
not a mirage - ALL the Eddings' books.