Concerning the illusion of time

"Och för er som undrar hur jag hinner kan jag upplysa om att jag går upp ganska tidigt och lägger mig ganska sent. Ljuset gör mig pigg. Och sen kollar jag typ aldrig på TV och just nu tillbringar jag väldigt lite tid vid datorn. Det ena projektet avlöser det andra och än så länge går det bra. Då har man ju mera tid."

- Anna Neah (singer, blogger and so much more)

Sorry, won't bother to translate for you, that's what the "translate" button on the browser Google Chrome is for. Or Babelfish and Google Translate. Use the tools at your disposal, don't complain.

Cobble stones at the Old market square close to the Cathedral.
I guess I should take Anna's advice, and just get up a bit earlier in the morning. Goddess knows, I stay up late most days anyway. I never said I'm smart, and sometimes staying up to the wee hours of the morning is really dumb. Dumb like "it will bite you in the [insert body part here] later" kind of dumb.

And while I'm still sitting here, wondering about what more nonsensical to write, I'll share with you the fact that I don't like the "import your blog" function on Facebook at all right now. That piece of code needs to be de-bugged, the sooner the better. Today, it's been re-posting older blog noteson my profile.


This means my profile's news feed is spamming my friends news feeds. How embarrassing, since I really can't do anything about it. Yes, I already wrote a bug report. Let's see if they're (the people employed to fix such things) able to do something about it. Hopefully. they are.


  1. Har du testat "My blog posts"? Den funkar för mig, även om den första gången postade allt jag någonsin bloggat. Lyckligtvis var bloggen ny då.


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