Finally, a new cover for the ironing board

I cut it out weeks ago, then I stashed it. Really good too, I might add, because I didn't find it before I got around and did the huge summer cleaning project we so desperately needed. Or actually, the apartment needed it. I just had to get myself to do it...

But, I digress.
I found the cloth rolled up, and tucked away, in a glass jar. Whoever thinks a glass jar is a good place to store a piece of cut-to-size cloth? Well... me, apparently. No idea why, though. I must be crazy. Nothing new there.

It just must have seemed logical at the time. *shakes head* Sometimes something seems so very logical when you do it, and then afterwards you wonder "what was I thinking?". Like that time when my mama chose what I should wear to my confirmation.... *mentally cringes*

New summer clothes... I mean, a new cover. Ta-daa!
Didn't take that long to sew either, compared to the storage boxes I made that took several hours. It's actually part of an old sheet that I got from Mom. There's a piece of satin cord hidden inside the seam, so you can take the whole thing off and throw it in the washing machine when needed. Which I definitively think it will need, at some point or another.