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And look, it even has one of the buttons I got from Maria's on it!

In a post, I mentioned how I've made ... a few... pincushions. I know, who has use for 9 pincushions? And is currently using 4 of them? And why, on Earth, would you make that many pincushions to even begin with? Well...

Firstly, most pincushion designs are real easy to sew, so they're fast to make. 30 min tops, if you have all the materials at hand.

Secondly, all of the one I've sewn so far have mainly been "training exercises" for me on how to use the Clover rotary cutter I bought a while back. And, since I still cut myself on it, I think I do need training. Or a new blade for it. Or maybe both. And a safer working technique...
(yet another list *sigh*)

Thus, I won't apologize for my sewing behavior.

But, to digress, from me cutting myself to showing you a bunch of easy pincushion patterns I've found online.
the very easy pincushion

the miniature patchwork pincushions
  • the TV-show Strömsö

Pincushion inspired by botany/art
Pincushion in a tea cup
Which is yet another thing I've seen
done online plenty of times.
Although, I think this one is inspired by
if you Google pictures from the book,
you'll see her design.
  • Heather Bailey
Heather even post the pattern for this one.
This is yet another pattern I've also seen
done online plenty of times.
And there's even more to be found!  You just google around a bit. Actually, most of the time when I search online for inspiration, I just picture-google around.
At times, doing thus can really give you the creeps...

Like these eye-pincushions by Jen Segrest.
Or this Voodoo Doll by Casey Dougherty.

...but mostly it will just give you a grand display of the creativity people around the Earth really have. Just don't google "pinhead". (Yes, I attached the link so that those few that have no clue what this is about can see some nice picture of an actor in prosthetic makeup)

There are sites that even have similar lists like mine, but with patterns and/or links already attached: