Google Reader... and then just about reading in general

Hi folks,

Been kinda lost in space here for a while now. My bad, but now I at least feel the need to write something. Here we go :)

There's so many amazing things you can do via your Google-account these days. I just realized that I don't need to scroll through a ton of bookmarks or RSS-feeds to see whats new - Google Reader takes care of that for me! Sweet...
So, I've just spent maybe 10 min setting it up for me, and so far I like what I see. Not too complex - as in "oh me gosh I don't need to read too much to understand this" - but still versatile enough.

What else.... Yeah, I found out this about the G-Reader actually by accident. Went web-surfing and found this really hilarious romance-novel-spoiler-blog and just read through a few (OK, a LOT. Happy?) of the posts. Since I hadn't read a lot of the books, I just enjoyed the way the posts themselves had been written. Couldn't stop laughing. Absolutely awsum, for lack of a more perfect comment.

What more? Well, last night I had to get up at 05:19 am and plug in my stupid Samsung phone. It needed to feed, and when it's hungry for electricity it WILL make it known... So annoying. Thankfully, it woke me up from a most horrible nightmare I was having (it involved cannibals, a scythe and meatballs...) so I was really relieved. Generally though, I've not been sleeping very well lately, mainly because of both too little/too much work.

Doesn't it strike you as funny that when you're really DESPERATE to get some good sleep, it always eludes you?