Movies, now in 3D!

Last Saturday, me and Micke went to see the new animated Pixar-movie "Up". What we didn't know was that it was showing at Kinopalatsi in 3D. So, we got to try out the whole 'weird-space-googgles-on-top-of-our-regular-glasses' kind of thing. When you got used to the extra weight on your nose, it turned out to be pretty okay. Actually, it was kinda neat... *geeks out a little*
So, the movie is all about this old man Carl who, at the death of his beloved wife Ellie, comes to the conclusion that LIFE somehow had gotten in the way of the DREAMS they had made up together so long ago. And now, at her death, these dreams are in danger of NEVER becoming reality. Long story short: he sets out to realize the "Big Adventure" his wife and him had created. Which was moving to the legendary "Paradise Falls" in Venezuela.
I must say I was so touched by the movie, not just because of the "pixar-story" or the art, but because of the entire message he movie brings you. The one about realizing your dreams before it turns out to be too late.
Oh, and my favorite scene from the movie is when *SPOILERS!* the dog Dug scratches at Carl's front door and admits in a small voice that "I was hiding under your porch, because I love you". This happening after Carl having previously been angry at both Dug and Russel (another character). The whole scene drips of canine uncertainty, and it's SO heart-aching it's unbelievable.

SO, Up gets 5 stars out of 5 from me. Go see it yourself!