A new phone, as well as Helsinki Book, Food and Wine-expo

Harald, wearing his presents, and looking slightly annoyed

Oh my, what a busy weekend! Me and Micke had maybe planned in a bit too many things to do while visiting my parents in Kyrkslätt. My baby brother turned 25 years, and the poor brat had to ENDURE celebrating it with mam, dad, me + 3 of his friends from Vasa. Harald, Kalle, Fredrik and 'Anka' were in Helsinki the same weekend working their asses of for their final exam work (a news clip about file-sharing and piracy). We had carrot-cake *yum yum* and sparkling wine. Alas, we didn't sing any Happy Birthday.... But Harald still sat and did his "oh my God MOM I feel sooooo humiliated"-thing, so it didn't matter very much :)

This is a pic of Harald, wearing his present(s) from me and Micke. I actually knitted them myself *proud sister* but I think I made the tuque a bit too big...

Anther thing we did was spend the Sunday at Helsinki Finnexpo-center with Mimi, Mom and Dad and taking part in both the Book-expo and the Food&Wine-expo. Champagne, Greek food (oh nom nom halloumi!) and people selling old and musty tomes. Instant success.
We we're SO tired when we finally got back to Turku, but I must say I wouldn't hesitate to do it all again. :)