the Nobelprize of 2009

I've been following the awarding of the Nobelprize since I went to upper secondary school (yupp, that's a long time). In the beginning, I didn't understand much of the WHAT or the WHY, but I thought it was "cool" that scientists had their own VERY prestigious prize to strive towards. I mean, movie-people had the Oscar, Finnish people had the "Finnish white rose", kids in school got grades and well... the scientists got the Nobelprize.

The most annoying thing nowadays however, at least for me, is the fact that I can't watch the whole televised award-show anymore. Thanks to the digital age and "digi-TV", unless you have bought the Swedish channels for your box, the only thing you will get to see is the Finnish review of the whole event. Which, thanks to WHOMEVER, is an 1 h event. Instead of a WHOLE day of events.

*sigh* Yes, I'm very unhappy about it all.

But, the fact that the enzyme telomerase and the ribosome got to become the focus of this year's Nobelprize, THAT makes me smile. I've heard and read that the Nobelprize-committee have a hard time picking a suitable candidate for every prize nowadays, since there's such a LOT of people in science who already SHOULD have gotten a Nobelprize for their work. Science - especially the biosciences - are moving at such high speed. And the function and structure of both telomerase and the ribosome, they're thing we're taught in the beginners courses in biochemistry.

Oh yeah, and the inventors of getting data to stream through fiber-optics, they got the prize in Physics. That was also "cool", and for once my boyfriend (who isn't that 'biochemical') and I are both in total understanding as of the WHY.

(because it allows him to play online RPG much faster than with a modem :P)