Yesterday I went to the library

Turku has a lot of libraries, but the most magnificent is the new and improved city library. A few years back, when it was just the old building, I loved it because of how it smelled and how it felt to walk around inside it. Since the new wing opened to the public, and they finished the repairs on the old, the library have newer looked better. It changed overnight into a true "public room", and most of it is thanks to the lovely yellow chairs and the feeling of space. I never realized how cramped the old building was until I set foot in the new one. You can see all the way up to the third floor, as the architects opted for a "terrace-like" build with a grand stairwell in the middle of it all. The bookshelves in sturdy wood along with a lot of lights everywhere creates a really warm atmosphere. Perfect for reading.

Anyway, I went to the library mainly to get away for a while. You know, get a little lost in space; become terra incognita. I read a book about knitting, learned a thing or two in the process, and read through my thesis with no great hurry. Felt... nice.

Sometimes all you want to have is peace.