Early morning adventure in our kitchen.

Mikael is going to be away with the boys for the entire weekend. They went to the Aland Islands, to Mariehamn. There, they're going to hold a product demonstration for the thing they've been coding on the whole summer.

I hope it goes well for them. *holding my thumbs*

Meanwhile, I'm going to take the advantage of being able to hog his computer. I want to have use of his big screen, because then I don't have to stress my eyes so much while I'm writing. Since I have a ton (actually just 21) of non-written blog posts I want written, I'm guessing it might take all day. Maybe all weekend.

But that's okay, I'm going to take it slow, and otherwise just enjoy the weekend.

Hope you too can take advantage of something at home (like an unoccupied couch, or being able to knit in peace, or finally getting to hog the TV remote), and treat yourself to some laziness! You've earned it too, I'm sure. I know I have :)