First crafts course I've taken in years...

 ...and it's called "Modelling Jewellery". It's held by the Turku Työväenopisto, and is going to be held on every Monday until the 17th of October. In the course description, it says that it's about "The basics of three-dimensional plasticity, modelling unique ornaments and jewellery from different modelling clays and learning to combine multicolour clays."

This means I have 15 minutes to get by bike from this course to the one in Argentine Tango. Mondays are gonna be busy days for the following weeks. I noticed that it only takes me about 5 min (by bike) to get to tango practice from the house that this course is being held in, so it wasn't as bad as I thought it would have been. I mean, stressful.

Why did I want to take this course?

Because I wrote on my "Non-faves of 2011"-list that cernit-clay sculpting is a non-fave of mine. This way, I get to try out different types of clay/polymer modelling, and get to use more borrowed tools while I do it. Plus, I don't have to grime up my desk. Always a plus.
If it's one thing I don't like. It's. Getting. Grime. And. Needles. Under. My. Nails.

I already thought, while putting things away today and heading out in the hallway to wash my hands how "I should definitively take a nail brush with me next time". And how I had wanted to have this and that and goddess where is my jewellery kit when I need that specific tool in it. It felt like being a pain in the ass, except I didn't say anything out loud. I'm just gonna take it one, as it comes.

But next time, I'll come prepared... *oh, I'm so terrible*

I made things that are supposed to be strawberries (left) and acorns (right).
Neither looks like what they're supposed to be.
Yes, I didn't do many during the 2 hours the lesson lasted.
Tried using different textures, but just generally fooled around.
The second and third bead from the left is actually a small tea pot
and a tea cup. I hope the handles won't fall off as they dry.
Hmm.. this photo is really grainy. You can't even see how I
tried to form a mini "Angry Birds"-pig from the clay (right corner).
And a cat. And a "Tiny Wings"-bird.
Next week, we'll paint these and varnish them as they've dried. Then, we get to try out salt dough. (Back to pre-school...) I can't wait to get to start using more plastic-containing clay...