Loosing your life (aka wallet)

I spent yet another busy weekend in Kirkkonummi with my parents and Emma. Got to experience - yet again - how knitting on a train can make you tune out a lot. Like the screams of small children wanting to ride the mini train in the "childrens car". Yes, once again I just had to get tickets for a seat there. Thank you, VR.

Those are times when my mantra is playing overtime in my head.
"this will teach me patience...this will teach me patience..."

I had the same mantra playing sing along today at the police station, too. Oh, yes, some jerk or another nicked my wallet last Friday, and I've been having somewhat of a Monday riding my bike around town to "fix" this. Hence the headline if today.

When I lost the wallet, it had a total of 7 euros in it. That might get you a cheap lunch somewhere, but not much else. So that wasn't so bad.
What was, though, was getting replacement cards for all the lost ones. Kid you not, I've spent the last 6 hours trying to get as many of them back as possible. It cost me e.g. 40 euros to get me a new driver's license. 4 euros to get a new library card. All the other ones have been gratis, so far. But, I also had my birth contol pills in my wallet, so I had renew those too. They were really nice about that in the pharmacy. I had some cupons (goodbye cheap lunches) and 2 spare key rings I had gotten from Maria. No keys, phew! And not my student ID card either.

I wasn't at all stressed on Friday about it all (well, maybe a little about the birth control pills since I hate to have menstruation pains) but today kinda remedied that. With vengence.

Still, I must thank Emma, because she donated some materials for me to sew a new wallet on Sunday. I think it turned out real nice.

Tadaa! New wallet.
Emma called it "very renaissance".
It even has a cool lining.
I took Emma's sewing machine out for a spin; it was fun
to test one where you can sew decorative edges on things :)