"You have the sweetest blog"-award

My first blog award - thank you so much Garnhamstern, this made my day so much brighter :)

And, since you've gotten it from Linda (who I also considered worthy of the award), and I really wanted to give it to folks who hadn't already got it, I thus choose the following bloggers as recipients:

Ikomi // Inari
because she just knows how to uses colors as she writes, and takes the loveliest photos. It's a pleasure to read her texts. Plus, I like the layout of her new site. (envy ++)
miiamaria // Maria
because she proves to me time and time again that even though life is at times tough, you have to focus on the good it still brings. If there was a bittersweet award, she'd be the queen recipient of it. And I so enjoy reading the (oh so rare!) texts she writes about different handicrafts. (awe ++)
Waenthoronien // Tove
because she writes like I would want to write. Fast, furiously, just pouring it all out, so that not every little detail is analyzed in the text itself. Her blog is actually one (if not THE one) I've followed from the beginning I truly started reading blogs. I don't think she realized how funny her texts (and lists!) at times actually are. (envy ++)
and last
Temumriken // Lisa
because there is nothing more sweet than to notice how alike people can be, and still be so different. Her texts make me smile, as well as think about things. Most often, they make me question something. Mostly an attitude towards something. (think ++)

So, you get to choose a few new recipients of the award, as well as answer three questions when/if you accept this award. My answers are found here below:

1. Favorite color?
Tough one, makes me feel like the knights in that Monty Python movie about the Holy Grail. You know, when they're about to cross the Bridge of Death:

I know, I know, that was no real answer, but the all the colors generated from photons on our retinas are beautiful.

2. Favorite food?
Ever since I became a food allergic and lactose intolerant, I must say that that describes food that doesn't make me sick. Otherwise, I'll happily confess that I really like nectarines. I used to like eating Thai- and Indian-foods, but alas - no more due to my allergies.

3. Where do you want to travel?
Back in time would be cool. But, since that's not allowed, I will say that if I could visit Iceland again sometime in the future, then I would be happy to see it's harsh beauty once again. Especially the botanical garden in Akureyri.