cont. Craft course

Too bad that I was in Italy the second-to-last day the course was held. Actually, I missed the last day too, but that was because I had the flu... but the teacher suddenly had to call in for some sick-leave, so everyone else missed it too.

Which was so not what I wanted. I wanted to make more stuff, and see how the salt-dough pieces I had made turned out.

Anyway, today and next Monday one of the other teachers were there to supervise, so I went and got my salt-dough stuff and dropped off all the jewelry that I wanted to show in the course's own arts & crafts exhibition.
They're in the photo here under; some buttons (both in Millefiori-technique and in plain modeling clay), two necklaces (one without a lock because I've run out of nice ones...) and two pair of earrings. Not much, but the rest of my pieces were... not up to such a standard that I would like to show off with them.

In short - they're ugly. It's my technical term for things-I-did-something-wrong-with-when-they-were-created.

My contribution to the course's exhibition.
The exhibition won't be built until the 18.11., so I'll have to wait until then to go and see the finished jewelry pieces the other girls/women made.