Packing finally done

So, there's always some last minute detail to take care of... This time it was a small piece of sewn ribbon that held the rubbery-tie-down-strap in place on to of my backpack. Good thing I notixed, and sewed it back.

And no, that backpack isn't filled with just "my" stuff. It has all of Micke's too.

Tadaa! My blue backpack.
This is the second time it's going to Italy.
This is the strap (or whatever it's called) that broke.
I know, I know, the pink doesn't go with the blue
but pink ribbon was all I had in my stash.
So, tomorrow morning we'll all be in Rome, Italy. First time abroad with the "whole" family: mom, dad, brother and Micke. We'll see how it will turn out, but I'm already guessing that it will be super nice and perfect :)