Our trip to Rome, a review

Italy day 1 review:

Trip around city
Didn't buy toothpaste!

Italy day 2 review:

Walk around town
Fontana di trevi
Piazza navona
Ate at cemma on via de soldati

Shop at spar - finally got toothpaste! And tetra pak wine in trip sizes...

Villa borgese art and park. Took some videos!

Getting thrown off the Spanish steps by civilian police!

Eating bread, olives and wine in hotel room

Italy day 3 review:

Vatican city
Art and sculptures
Castel san angelo
Haralds presskort
Took some videos

Italy day 4 review:

Tivoli and villa d'este, but not for Micke!
Micke's sick, he's got the flu! Got to stay at the hotel, recuperating.
Ate at defronte à

Italy day 5 review:

Our trip to Nemi, before heading to the late evening flight.
Monday rush hour (at 16) why are the roads so narrow? Is it because they don't need to plow any snow?

Best mountain-valley view ever at Nemi. The crater is enormous.

And for the first time the entire trip - me and Mike got to eat (nearly) alone! It was the best moment ever.