Trip to Rome 2011: our trip begins

"Helsinki Vantaa airport, safety check and waiting at gate 15" pretty much sums it up.

We got up (way) too early, ate too little breakfast and rushed to airport.

We check in ourselves, even though it took 3 min more because I didn't understand that the machine couldn't get the data straight from my passport.

Standing at the safety check, the poor man standing behind me in the line pulled out his belt... whereupon his pants dropped! That was ... a first.

And now we have to wait 1 h for our flight to leave.
Oh, well.

Well, a pink one-piece isn't something you see every day at an airport.
The store names at the air port were... odd to say the least.

And then there was the queuing. 

My fellow travelers: Mikael, my Dad, Birgitta, my Mom and my brother Harald.

Guess what? MORE shops!

And special design the cafe. Because the lack of breakfast were getting to us youngsters.

Me, standing prettily in line. Mikael took the photo.

Yeah. Doesn't say "remember to bring your own charger!"

We got past a bit of the queuing by checking in ourselves via the terminals.