tisdag 19 januari 2010

We have a feng shui problem....

...and IKEA is partly to blame!

We have this "Leksvik" dresser in our bedroom. It's a nice and ordinary sort of dresser I guess. I bought it when I first moved to Turku (in 2001...) and it's been hanging on ever since. When me and Micke moved in together, we painted it brown (it used to be 'oldies grey') because otherwise our bedroom's theme of red & dark brown & white wouldn't have been. Anyway, I've taken apart this dresser quite a few times, and me and Micke have taken it apart at least twice, so now it's getting "rusty in the seams" so to speak.

There's a wooden peg at the front of the lowest drawer that comes loose ALL the time now. It's highly annoying, because when it does, you can't get the drawer to close. And on top of it, it feels as if the dresser is LAUGHING you in the face because you can't get it in. So annoying, to say the least. I've glued the peg twice - won't hold btw - and I've tried to open and close the drawer really gently, as not to disturb the peg. Nope, it still comes loose.
So, soon we'll have to get a new dresser. And they only make them like this one in light brown with tree growth rings. Which doesn't really go with our "feng shui" theme....

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