Sensory deprivation part 1: No voice

I knew I should have written this down immediately afterwards the "event" itself, but I still think I can sum it up pretty decently.

I managed to keep quiet for 24 h and 17 min. The only 'mistakes' I made was to snort a "hah!" at a book I was reading, and say "sheesh" at a thing that spooked me. Oh, and I laughed. Once.

First, being without a voice (sound) doesn't make you able NOT to communicate. In fact, suddenly you start to come up with all of these OTHER ways to tell people something. I didn't use Facebook or MSN, in fact all I wrote down the entire day was a shopping list together with Micke.
But I did draw a few pictures, point at different things, and nod or shake my head when Micke suggested stuff. I even whistled once, just to attract his attention, when I noticed that he doesn't register all that well when I wave at him.

Secondly, because I did it on a Sunday, there wasn't really that much interactions I needed to make. If I had e.g. gone to the store or someplace more social, I'm certain I would have messed up and used my voice. It's really annoying - not the fact that you kinda HAVE to speak at times - but the fact that sometimes you say things automatically. When I go to a store and pay for my stuff, I always thank the clerk. It's automatic. Someone holds up a door for me, I also thank them. Such things you just do, you know.

Thirdly, not using your vocal cords makes them... itch. As in, you want to clear your throat ALL the time. Damn annoying if you ask me.

So, what else did i learn? Well, Micke just doesn't say much during a Sunday. In fact, he either only speaks when spoken to, or when he wants to know something. So very unlike me, who speaks just to fill the silence. Figuratively speaking. Apparently, it's me who's the social one in this relationship (as if I didn't know that one already).

Oh, and my Mom didn't call me at all on Sunday evening, she did it on Monday morning instead :)