"Tjugondag Knut kastas julen ut"

Today's the 13th of January, and by tradition all Christmas decorations have an invisible "best before 13.1" sticker. So, in accordance with tradition, this is the last day we'll have "our Miss Christmas tree 2009" in the living room. Finally, there will be no more spruce needles stuck under our socks.

*looks at the Christmas tree*

But I think I'm still going to miss it. I mean, it WAS mine and Micke's first own Christmas tree. First REAL Christmas together.

*gets a bit emotional*

Aw well, I think the best way to get it out and into the trash is to use the wire-cutter and demolish it into smaller pieces first. Otherwise there'll be too many needles in the stairwell and the elevator. And I don't wanna clean them up.