Super-glue is dangerous!

Guess what folks: I managed yesterday to glue together two fingers on my right hand....
The experience can be summarized very aptly using Mimi's advice: "Using gloves when you're using super-glue is reeeeeally smart". Yupp, my middle and ring finger can attest to that. Such a fail of epic proportions. And it really hurt getting them to come off one another. Lost some skin in the process. Yuck!

Anyway, we managed to make jewellery for perhaps a few hours more than we should have.... We packed away everything at about 24:00, making Mimi definitely miss her last bus. Micke happily played some computer game, so even though I had asked him to kindly come and tell us when it would have been time to stop (22:00), he forgot. And we forgot, so apparently time is really very relative :)
I taught Mimi how to make/knot pearls into a necklace, and what a star pupil she made! I started making a new one too - this time in red - after the mishap with the glue.

So, today is J's and Sally's joint birthday party. Hooray! I hope they'll like what we have bought them. I went and got flowers too, on top of the presents. I just like flowers, so when I saw the roses I thought, "why not?". I just hope that their cats won't nibble at them - but if they do, roses aren't poisonous. For cats or humans.