Yesterday I felt so weird, I thought...

... I was going to get ill. Seriously, it felt like the beginning of a fever. Today however, I feel.... not so sick and not so warm as yesterday. Whatever it was, I hope it doesn't return with vengeance tonight!

Anyway, tomorrow some of the girls are supposed to come over, since I decided to host an "arts and crafts" evening. Last time it was just me and Sally... and (a few) midnight margaritas. That time, the "crafting" took over the dining-room table completely. (See the picture below if you don't believe me).

Anyway, this time is going to be similar, as I've planned for us to continue with the same theme. Jewellery. We'll see if we have enough creativity to go around - but if we don't, then we'll just talk girl-talk and relax.

Last - as well as this - week, when I've had some spare time, I've been surfing the net for "creative ideas" concerning jewellery. It's amazing how much you can find online, from DIY-manuals to design to people blogging about how they make their own, as well as thousands of sites selling jewellery. Everyone is competing with everyone else, but I guess women over the world have started to realize that they actually CAN create their own trinkets and necklaces from scratch, and that it's actually not that difficult.
I borrowed a few books from the library on how to make "easy" pieces, and when you've 'mastered' a few basic techniques, you're good to go. It's amazing what type of materials people actually use to create their jewellery, as well as how science has enabled a change from more "natural" materials (like stone, pearl and precious metals) to plastic, 'junk' and so much more....

Anyway, this week I tried my hands on knotting pearl necklaces, and after reading a few tips and tricks, I managed to fix my old "fake" pearl necklace from 1999. The clasp had managed to sever the thread keeping the last pearl and it together, so I used the silk thread I'd bought to redo the necklace from scratch. It took longer than I thought, mainly because I had to redo some of the knots that didn't turn out so great. (See picture of the necklace).

Speaking of making things from 'junk', the black necklace in the last picture is one of my favorites. The black wooden pearls are actually some turquoise Ibero-pearls I found while going through a 2nd hand store with Mimi. Just painted them black and put them on the wire. Easy!