Being lactose-intolerant :)

My family, and I think most of my friends as well, knows that I have lactose intolerance. I have friends who are too, and many times have we laughed at our good fortune in the matter. Living in Finland gives you one HUGE advantage in having this dietary deficiency: the innovation of LACTOSE FREE dairy products :)

When I was little (as in kinder garden and elementary school little) all you could get was milk with some of the lactose enzymatically hydrolyzed, making it more tolerable for people like me. Or actually, SOME of the people like me. Some people (like me!) can't even stomach dairy products marked HYLA or Into (the trade names for these hydrolyzed products). That's why it's soooooooooo sweet that finnish scientists came up with a way to make lactose free milk :)

*me likes!*

Anyway, when me and Micke went grocery shopping yesterday, I found out that now you can get Organic Lactose Free Milk (zomg!!!) from our favorite store k-Puhakka.

*me likes even more!*