Silence is a spell

People make promises at New Year's Eve. Some people even make more than one. I make one that I'm sure to strive for every single day during the year. And then I re-promise it at the next New Year.

*won't tell you what it is though, it's my secret*

Anyway, this year I also made a few other CHOICES. Not promises, mind you. Choices. I want to see - for a period of 24 hours - how you can live without some of your senses. Yes, you have it right - sight, hearing, smell, voice... The senses I think I can come up with a way too do without.

I've read that sensory deprivation can make you mad. Because the mind cracks from being without stimuli. It is supposed to turn inwards, and create its own stimuli, making you go crazy from it.

Anyway, in 30 minutes it will be Sunday, and then I will be silent. It will be hard to uphold, since ANYONE who knows me knows that I love to talk and chatter. I think I'll try hard also NOT to use any other means of communication (Facebook, MSN, paper and pen), just to see what will happen.

I know my Mom is going to call me Sunday night, as she and Papa is taking the boat from Stockholm then.
Well see how well I can keep my promise then.....