fredag 17 december 2010

Baking bread...

... even though I shouldn't. Because people on the paleo-diet don't eat bread, because wheat flour hadn't been "invented" back in  10 000 BC....

But, non the less, I will try to entice you with my magnificent (hah!) bread baking pictures.

The foccacia!
...insert appropriate music here...

Dough on tray.

Wait for it...

Fermentation done, thank you Saccharomyces cerevisiae!

Olives! Pirkka eco-olives :) 

Plop plop plop!

eco-Olive oil!

Sea salt and dried rosemary!

200 degrees Celsius for 40-45 min!

Saved from the fiery flames of the oven!


1 kommentar:

Pingevin sa...

It's best with fresh rosemary :) I need to remember to buy some.. what recipe do you use anyway? it looks soo different from mine :) although it probably won't be the same even if we used the same ingredients, kitchen, cups and oven ;)


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