I've read, that no one is happy when they check how much their weight is.
People who are over-weight want to get a little lighter, and people who're under-weight want to get a little heavier.

Me, I just want (and need!) new clothes, because by this rate my whole wardrobe will look like I permanently borrow my elder mommy-type sister's clothes. And I don't even have a sister. My jeans look like hillbilly-jeans, my shirts sag, my skirts hang waaaay down my hips, and the only things that are kinda okay are the T-skirts. Except, most of them are so old / used / ratty, not to mention "H & M quality", that I'll be needing new ones fast.

Anyway, let's look at some pictures :)

This is our IKEA-scale.
To make using it more enjoyable,
I've written "I like YOU anyway" on it.
We have a pep-talk scale.
Micke's mom copied the idea.
Now she has a pep-talk scale too.
These are my feet.
There's many like them, but these are mine.
All pruned up and warm from the shower.
Sometimes I use nail polish, but not today.
The scale says "55 kilograms".
It used to say "60".
A quick calculation of my BMI gives 55/(1,65x1,65) = 20,20.
According to the index graph, I'm normal weight.

These are Micke's feet.
There's many like them, but these are his.
All covered with proper black socks,
facing my pruned toes, looking nice.
He never uses nail polish.
The scale says "73 kilograms".
Once, a long time ago (he told me), it used to say
"91 kilograms".