Baking chocolate truffles

Last year, as well as the year before that, I baked truffle chocolate for Christmas. Mostly, because it was chocolate and candy and heck-it's-Christmas-can't-we-have-at-least-something-that's-not-healthy-to-eat. Both times, the whole kitchen was a MESS afterwards, and the whole 'event' took maybe 4 hours.

Needless to say, I soooo did not wan't to see the kitchen looking like this again.

And it's AMAZING how much just a simple pastry bag will help when doing this, instead of following the recipe and using two spoons (or hand and spoon like last year). Why (oh WHY?!) didn't Pirkka put that in their truffle recipe???

Yup, I'm also a Pirkka card user and a Pirkka-magazine reader. (For those of you who aren't, Pirkka is the 'loyal' customer club of one of Finland's biggest food market boutiques. Pirkka belongs to Kesko. The others are S-bonus that belongs to the S-group, and Ykkösbonus which belongs to Suomen Lähikauppa Oy). But, seriously, sometimes they DO have nice recipes in their monthly cooking-magazine.

The recipe is quite simple, and contains things like cocos fat, cocoa, chocolate, powdered sugar, egg, cream and orange peel. Here's the recipe I use on Pirkka, but while I searched around I found another one too. The other one is... a slightly less calorie BOMB.

Triple amount of truffle creme, triple the amount of nom noms to eat.

And I know that they - unfortunately! - look like small poops with nuts in.
Believe me when I say that was SO not the intention... 

The other variation looked a little like Brunberg's truffle.
But it was easier to make the "poop-like" ones.
We've already given some of these away as Christmas presents - who doesn't like chocolate? - and the rest will be MINE ALL MINE MUHAHAHAHA!
... I mean, mine and Micke's to eat while we spend Christmas with his family up in Ostrobothnia this year.