Will "New Year's Day" become "Sick Day" instead?

Oh dear, Micke apparently caught the flu someone was spreading around like crazy on the train back from Ostrobothnia. (read: someone was coughing ALL the time on the train in our compartment) Now he's got a such a sore throat I've told him not to speak. It's painful to hear him say even so little as "it hurts". Awful. And on top of that, he's got a fever. He became symptomatic yesterday noon.

And this morning, I started to feel awful too.
I got up at 08:30, had to cancel my only morning-appointment, wrote an email to people saying "we might have to skip the New Year get-together at our place" and went back to bed. And slept until 15:00.

While I slept, I dreamt a somewhat crazy dream about:

  • My Mom celebrating her 70th birthday. In Sweden, at one of my aunt's places.
  • Me coloring my hair, because Mom said I had too.
  • I did it while being very pregnant, which meant it was a chore.
  • While doing this, Micke came along and also wanted his hair (read: beard) colored, and I somehow managed to do this and color his lips brown. Not pretty.
I guess my conscience it trying to tell me I need to start planning for my Mom's 70th birthday in May next year, and get an appointment at my hairdresser's in January. Don't know much about the other stuff.