Christmas wish list of 2010

Dear Santa,

Even though my dear mother was forced to "kill you" when I was still very young (I was 8 years old, and had Santa-trauma/depression every December), I still hope that it's okay to write to you. You see, I think Christmas has become a bit like list-mania, and I need to get on the wagon. Like I did last year.

Last Christmas, I wished for 6 things. Of them, I got one: the new frying pan I wanted and we so desperately needed. I also got this amazing filé knife, which I so love my Mikael for.

The rest, I've bought during the year, so you're forgiven. And the chocolate I made myself, so that's okay too.

But, this year I'll be monitoring your behavior again, so here is my list for 2010:

  1. I want my Micke to stop being a nicotine addict, and be free of it once and for all.
    • This is not a selfish wish, because I want him to stop being so frustrated all the time. He's so stressed out, mostly because of his work, so please please please take at least this off his back.
  2. I would very much want to get a job for 2011. One that would preferably pay enough, so that Micke won't have to stress even more about work, and instead concentrate on his pro gradu thesis.
    • And no cheating and giving me one where I have to sit by a cash register all day. Seriously, I'm made for laboratory work. Sitting and parroting "that'll be 5,40 euros, please" is not work, it's a nightmare.
  3. A plane ticket to Paris and back. I want to have a kiss on top of the Eiffel tower, and see as much as I can in one day in the Louvre.
    • if this is impossible, then I promise not to hate you. 
    • not very much anyway
    • okay, I'll still hate you, but I understand that everyone should try and minimize their carbon-dioxide foot print.
    • not like that's a valid reason to skimp on me, just so you know
  4.  A new pair of jeans. I'm too small for the ones I have, so I look like a dork in all 5 of them. My hips and thighs aren't as wide as they used to be, so I look like a hillbilly in her mama's Sunday jeans.
    • waist <28'', I could begin with 26'' and go from there
    • length 32''
  5. I want mom and dad to stay (relatively) healthy. 
    • I know you'll have a hard time on this one, especially since both have a troublesome diet, and are already in the risk groups of adult diabetes and coronary disease. Especially dad.
    • but promise me you'll at least try
    • please?
  6. Chocolate and bottle of champagne.
    • I'll help you: I already made truffles. You only have to bring me a small bottle of champagne.
    • And I can save that one for New Year's Eve.