Christmas decos

The -huge- Strömsö-dream catcher.
During one summer while visiting Micke's family up in Ostrobothnia, I managed to scavenge a part of a spruce tree root on the Fäboda beach. The (original) plan was for it to become the skeleton of a dream catcher.
Like the huge one they did in the Strömsö TV-program, which looked like this (picture on the right).
However, I didn't get any inspiration to create it that summer, and so the whole project kinda went on hiatus... until now.

We don't have many Christmas decos, mainly because when we moved in together Micke didn't have any, and the ones I had were hand-me-downs from my Mom and Dad. Only thing we've actually bought ourselves, which was last year, was an electrical advent candelabra (swe. adventsljusstake). One that was on sale after New Year came and went. Yeah, we're cheapos. But hey, we're students, so I guess it's okay.

Anyhow, one thing I really would have liked us to have last Christmas, was a wreath for the door. It looks so much more inviting and cozy if you have one hanging on it. We already have one for the rest of the year - one I bought this summer in Jakobstad during 'Jakobs dagar'. But it's not that 'Christmassy'....

This was actually a real simple craft-thing, and in the end required very few materials. So, out with the:
  • spruce root
  • yarn (gray, red, white)
  • jute twine
  • 2 wooden craft balls, some sewing thread and one old nylon sock
Welcome home!
Yes, even thought we don't want any 'rubbish' mail, the IKEA
and the Stockmann catalog is still considered ESSENTIAL mail :P
The dolls had their 'clothes' crocheted, and the bow and "snow" is also crocheted. The eyes and lips of the dolls were made by covering the wooden craft balls with pieces of the nylon sock and then stitching the rest.