onsdag 29 december 2010

Will "New Year's Day" become "Sick Day" instead?

Oh dear, Micke apparently caught the flu someone was spreading around like crazy on the train back from Ostrobothnia. (read: someone was coughing ALL the time on the train in our compartment) Now he's got a such a sore throat I've told him not to speak. It's painful to hear him say even so little as "it hurts". Awful. And on top of that, he's got a fever. He became symptomatic yesterday noon.

And this morning, I started to feel awful too.
I got up at 08:30, had to cancel my only morning-appointment, wrote an email to people saying "we might have to skip the New Year get-together at our place" and went back to bed. And slept until 15:00.

While I slept, I dreamt a somewhat crazy dream about:

  • My Mom celebrating her 70th birthday. In Sweden, at one of my aunt's places.
  • Me coloring my hair, because Mom said I had too.
  • I did it while being very pregnant, which meant it was a chore.
  • While doing this, Micke came along and also wanted his hair (read: beard) colored, and I somehow managed to do this and color his lips brown. Not pretty.
I guess my conscience it trying to tell me I need to start planning for my Mom's 70th birthday in May next year, and get an appointment at my hairdresser's in January. Don't know much about the other stuff.

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