Creationism (pun intended!)

Although last week was a bit depressing, there were some bright moments to be found. Besides celebrating the twin's 22nd birthday during the weekend, I managed to have Mimi over for some creative sewing. She needed some alterations done to a jumpsuit she'd bought from H&M for next to nothing. She's like me when it comes to H&M - if you manage to find something you like, you almost ALWAYS have to do some slight alterations to it. Not everyone is a size 0 / size 32 and thin as a twig.

I think the sewing went quite well, and she was real happy about getting it done :) The suit is this one-piece thing, and although it fit her to a T around the hips and legs, it was too wide up around her chest. I took away about 5 cm, and then it fit her perfectly. Here she's checking out the finished result in our hallway mirror.

Thing is, she freely admits that she considers my skills on the sewing machine to far exceed her own, so she gladly lets me do alterations to her clothes. So far, I've helped her with two red dresses, two pair of pants, and the jumpsuit. And putting new lining in her winter coat. Now THAT was a project, and it took all day.

Besides doing some creationism (hah!) on the sewing machine, I also managed to to some chores around the house. Been letting the cleaning-craze into the apartment again, and boy did it need it. It just proved - once again! - that as soon as I'm not feeling OK (depressed, sad or stressed), not much gets done around the house. I know it, Micke knows it, and that's just how it is.

Oh, and I went to the library yesterday. I noticed a lot of people using the library to study for their entrance exams; one girl was reading Galenos in one of the big yellow chairs. Didn't look to comfy, since that book weighs a ton. Good thing it wasn't Grey's Anatomy, since that book is both heavy and large.

I found yet some more craft-books on jewelery-making, and some artzy books about is too. The books in the "500 -series" (500 necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets) are particularly good, with large enough pictures for you to actually see small details.
Well, I guess that was about it on the news front here. Only thing I have yet to do today is take the train to Kyrkslätt for a quick visit at both my parents and at my ex-scout organization's meeting place.