Some more sewing...

I had to get out the sewing machine once again, this time to patch some of our clothes. It's amazing how easily H&M-clothes get either holes, loose threads or drop their buttons. Talk about clothes for only one season, jeez!

Micke had cut away a washing label tag on one of his T-shirts, and since he did it in a hurry he cut away both the tag and some cloth to spare. Ergo sum, a hole! How typical.

After this sewing - which was easy! - I decided to finally sew together all the parts I had already cut out for a bag made out of crocheted 'granny squares' (swe. mormorsrutor).The squares are made out of 3 different shades of brown, and sewn together with the same yarn that's used in the last 'round' on the square. I really like the colors, although they're not exactly "spring colors". It was supposed to become an autumn bag, but.... *lazy*

The only thing I don't like about the end result are the handles. They don't match the rest of the bag, I think. I'll have to fix that some other day.


Hey, and if you want to read more about using granny squares and crocheting techniques, you can check out this page :)