Kids at Turku City Library

Many daycare-group take their young charges to Turky City Library to lend books for the week. Some even stay for an hour or two to read. Here is a little group I managed to spot today. Some of the kids wanted to lend the books of the friends in their groups, so much fun are the lending machines!

You see, at Turku City Library, kids have two lending machines of their own. At the top hole, you show the "lending robot" your library card and punch in your code, then you get to stuff your books - one at a time! - into the hole. As soon as the "lending robot" recognizes the book, it does this funny beep to let you know it's all right to put in the next book. Every book you borrow falls down at the back of that top hole, and you can pick them up at the hole at the bottom of the machine when your done. If something goes wrong (usually it's that you punch in the wrong code) , the machine instead does a "dooh!" much like Homer Simpson. Hilarious!