Visiting the Turku Art and Antiques Fair of 2010

Me, Mimi, and a few other girls from her study program (art history) visited Turku Congress Center on Sunday. Reason: to ogle out eyes on antiques, crafts, and art. The fair was actually divided into three parts, and the one we spent most of our time (and most of our money too, heh!) was the area where the Craft-boutiques and -entrepreneurs had their stalls. People were displaying things they had made by weaving, knitting, cross-stitching, beading, sewing with leather and gods know what other things. There were people selling yarn for every possible use, and even a vendor selling the latest in sewing machines.

At one stall, where the girls from C04 were, I bought a knee-length skirt made from felt (100% wool!). It's violet, and I reeeeally liked the color. Just had to buy it. Mimi bought a white west at the same stall. Before that, I bought some yarn at Lankabaari's stall, so now I have enough to make that crocheted vest I want.

The main thing I had wanted to look at was - of course - the stalls where beadwork materials were sold. Oh joy! There was at least six stalls, and we visited every one of them.... buying a little from each one, of course. I finally found some glass pearls with a golden-ish coating that fit my yellow Cinderella-dress perfectly. Mostly I bought wire and string, though. I have enough beads to make what I want for a while now. Oh, I bought beads, but not as many as I perhaps COULD have :P

In the Antiques-section we saw many things, like all the old toys they had up for sale at this special event called "Wanhat lelut" (eng. ye oldie toys). I'm still surprised that I actually found something to buy there in the antiques section! Many vendors had old Arabia-porcelains up for sale, and I actually found the one me and Micke have some pieces from (it's the brown and white one in the picture beneath this paragraph). When we moved together, I had three plates of that series that I had gotten from my mom. I bought one, so now we have four, which is much nicer since we now have an even number of plates to set the table with. The plate cost 5€, but I noticed that the vendor had it on sale, as the other price tag on it said 10€. Of the same design as this series there's one with blue stripes (instead of brown), and the price for pieces of those were at least twice the price of the browns! Think - 18€ for an Arabia plate! I must remember never to accidentally break one of ours now...

Look, it's our Arabia porcelain!

After spending an entire four-and-a-half hours ogling at all of this, our legs were so tired that actually just SITTING in the buss back home was divine in itself. Still, next year when they hold this fair again, I'm so gonna be there.