The pursuit of Happiness (it's a place?)

Micke had been feeling a little blue, and as far as I can guess it's because of the usual: the weather, work and all the home assignments he's supposed to do. So, when we saw the expansion box (collectors ed. mind you!) for World of Warcraft on sale (for 35 instead of 60€) in the store, while shopping for groceries, I said to him that we just have to take it. Bonus was, you got a week of free gameplay.

Yes, I was the one that said to the game-playing nerd to buy an expansion pack. Seriously folks.

So, Micke has now spent most of his time by his computer, but I think he's been feeling better. The gaming gets a little manic, but I personally take mania over depression any day. We'll see how it goes when he wants to buy another month of gameplay (which I guess is about 30€).... then I might have to put down my fists.

 Look, he looks so much happier! Even though it took all day to install since he had to download 2,5 GIGAbyte of patches for the game....

You got a free mouse-pad in the box, with a picture of the new playable region.

And you got a book! The Art of World of WarCraft. I read it while he was installing, and although I liked it, the book could have been more "from concept art to in game footage" and less "let's put a lot of cool art in a book", in my opinion.

So, we'll get to see if this impulse buy will come back and bite me in the ass later (after Easter) when his  free gametime runs out.