A busy Saturday

This weekend was a bit hectic, as I had made my (our) Saturday as busy as possible.

First, shopping at the open air market, then off to Wiklund to buy a pair of nylon-stockings, then the Ravelry-knitalong at Kerttu, and finally a trip out to the Turku Fair center to see a bit of this year's Erotics Fair. I'm so glad that they put in extra busses when there are fairs at the center, because otherwise every bus 'normal' bus would be filled.

I didn't want to bring my "horrible" knitting project with me to Kerttu, so I instead started on this small "rag rug"-project. Since I didn't have that many skeins of rags, it was a reeeally small project. I think though that I might actually do something out the rest of the rags I've cut, because knitting with huge needles was really nice. It's fast! And I like fast results :)

So, about this year's Erotics fair. Me, Micke and Mimi went, and I think S and D would have liked to come to, but because D still had the flu I quess it was smarter of them to stay at home. Autumn flu and sniffles are just sooo not nice. Well, but about the fair.

They had two stages (one big, one small), and on the smaller one they had stiptease non-stop, and on the bigger one they had quite a wide variety of different performers. I -really- wanted to see the pole dance champion of 2009 - Panthera Blacksmith - do her number, because pole dancing is so all about athleticism. Srlsy! And I must say, I was sooooo impressed! I'm so envious of her muscle tone and stamina. Not to mention her tattoes :)

*two thumbs and two toes up for her dancing*

After seeing her however, the rest of the performaces were a whole other thing. While waiting for the next show, we all went to watch what they were doing on the smaller stage. Or actually, to have coffee and get to sit down, because our backs were giving up on us. Standing around in high heels are just a killer. Both on your knees and you back. Well, but concerning coffee and striptease:

Sorry folks, but two Rubenesque girls having a go at one another, while faking it sooo bad, just doesn't do it for me.

Venus at the mirror, by Peter Paul Rubens.
He liked to paint his ladies big and beautiful,
hence the word Rubenesque.
The pic is from Wikipedia.

I'm little embarassed to say that I laughed. As in, out loud. Micke was mortified, but then again; he's a guy and two girls are (supossedly?) hot. I think Mimi was also more into drinking her Jaffa and eating her crisps than watching. And we both commented on their shoes.

Second thing I said, which I also think mortified Micke, was this:

"Watching that is like watching CSI. Even when they do awful stuff like carve up corpses and take samples from yucky things, it doesn't affect you. Like, 'it's just TV'. You don't feel anything."

Isn't it just awful? To watch something that's ONLY purpose is to make you go into "sexual mode", and then just not feel anything? Not disqusted, not embarassed, just ...nothing.

As their performance ended, all that remained were a lot of pink feathers fron one of the women's feather boa. My comment to this was:
 "Oh, look, they molted"
And the comment

"They didn't pole dance, they pole glided".

If you don't have the leg muscles needed to stay up on the pole, you slide sloooooowly down it instead. Which they did.

Sorry if I ruined something nice there, but I just didn't get it.
I guess this is why I -forced- us to miss all the performances by the porn stars .

Well, the second show on the bigger stage was more to my liking. Me and Mimi laughed and had huge fun, while watching the three male stippers called the Candymen perform. Huge fun, and not too naughty. As Mimi said: "No full frontal nudity, fiuh!". I have to agree.

While we watched the men do their thing, we left Micke watching a woman in black lingerie do her thing. ( I think he liked that better, because we weren't there to 'ruin' her performance with our blasphemous comments.)

We watched three more shows too: two where fire (srsly!) was involved and one that's really hard to describe.

In the first about fire, a woman called Miss Steak did this stiptease number with flame acrobatics. It looked cool, I thought. The fire acrobatics, that is. Sadly, Micke and Mimi were both quite shaken by it, I think.

Second show is a little harder to describe - picture something that's a bit gotic, french cabarét and circus freaky - at the same time. Seeing Lucky Hell doing her burlesque-number on glass shards was... okay, a little freaky. Her show was even more freaky than seeing Maleficient Martini's ballet/bondage performance with Esinem.

The question that remains to be answered is: will we go again next year? We'll see then, because I just don't know at this point.