When it rains like it does today...

... an umbrella doesn't help you much. The rain is blowing ever which way, even downwards up, so you get soaked nearly instantly. It's more like walking into a wall of water, instead of it raining.

Why, oh whyyy, didn't I put on my rain coat and pants?

No matter now, as I got home and could change into something dry immediately. Micke still has the flu, and has been both coughing and blowing his nose like crazy. He actually woke me up at 3 a.m., because his cough sounded like him dying. Horrible.

Thanks to the rain though, lots of different mushrooms are growing splendidly. The ones on the photo above is from the lawn on the other side of the green fence. In swedish, these mushrooms are called "bläcksvamp", lit. translated as ink mushrooms. Did people really use them to make ink, I wonder?

But, now I'm going to go and lie down, and enjoy as much orange juice and Daim-chocolate as I can. The chocolate has to be shared with Micke, but since he was so sweet and shouted "Oh, I love you so much, you bought chocolate!" when I got home from the store, I guess it's not so bad.