A friend of mine...

... studies English. So if I would -ever- need someone to talk to about either English literature or the etymology of any English word, she'd probably be the one. But I wonder if she knows the meaning of this word:


Naaah, no cheating using any online dictionary. No answer to be found there. I would still be searching for the meaning and how/why of the word, if I hadn't come across the explanation in a book I borrowed from the library.

You see, when knitting/crocheting, you might by mistake create something (*gasp!*) that you think looks awful. If giving it away is not an option, and you want to reuse the yarn... what do you do? Of course, you de-construct it. How? Well... you take hold of the end of the yarn, and start to rip it, rip it, rip it, rip it....

Hence the word frogging.

So, I have this other acquaintance, who posts on her Facebook account photos taken of thing she has found at yard sales/second hand stores etc. Last thing she posted was of the 'new' dining room table she and her hubby had bought.

With this in mind, I present to you:
The red sweater I bought second hand for 4 euros (5 dollars)...

which I then promptly frogged into 6 balls of yarn

This yarn will -eventually, hopefully- one day become this bolero/knitted thing.

So, I thought I made quite a lucky find. Since I would never ever had worn the sweater (it was a European size L, and I'm a XS or S), I felt no shame in frogging it. And... if you want to buy nicely colored yarn Finland, you will have to spend at least 16 euros on the same amount of yarn that I got... well, needless to say I'm happy :)

The lovely picture of the bolero is from this lovely book: Sticka i romantisk lantstil by Inga Walløe Pantzar and Ditte Larsen. And the pattern is simple, which I like, since I'm not yet that great a knitter.